Scrap: Buying and Selling

Phoenixx, through its large domestic customer base, is a buyer of tool steel, aerospace, stainless, and super alloy scrap for re-processing into certified alloys for these same industries. The combination of selling primary metals such as nickel, cobalt, rhenium, hafnium, fe vanadium, fe moly and indium, and the ability to buy back excess customer scrap, adds another dimension and vital component to Phoenixx value to its customers. We have the ability to recover strategic metals such as rhenium, hafnium, indium, nickel, cobalt, moly, vanadium, and platinum group metals, that otherwise are lost in the sale of most scrap forms. We can also customize and certify to a specific customer alloy requirement., in a 22 lb ingot/pig! We also have the ability to have powdered metals degassed to remove contaminants of carbon/oxygen/nitrogen, etc.