Welcome to Phoenixx

Established in November of 1990, Phoenixx L.P. is engaged in marketing and supplying non-ferrous metals (LME based), minor metals, and chemical grade commodities to the United States Metal Consuming Industry. In this capacity, Phoenixx serves as exclusive representatives for major metal producers and in addition maintains principal inventory.

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Benefits of working with us

Phoenixx has built strong domestic and international relationships with both customers and suppliers and is viewed as a world-class organization. Through their experience the staff at Phoenixx recognizes the importance of timely shipments and the value of moving commodities efficiently. Phoenixx provides liquidity to both metal producers and consumers.

Phoenixx provides complete secured financial hedging using the London Metal Exchange (LME) for up to 27 months forward from the present date. This includes daily, weekly, monthly futures contracts as well as options.

  • By automating the internal processes, Phoenixx has streamlined inventory positions, is able to monitor the shipping of commodities, expedites billing, tracks usage with freight vendors and is able to store and query customer relationship profiles.
  • Phoenixx has built strong relationships with both customers and suppliers. Both are equally important to the success of Phoenixx.
  • Nickel, tin and zinc metals are priced and hedged using the London Metal Exchange (LME), which allows our customer to fix price forward basis current market prices.
  • The by-product of our method of pricing places Phoenixx in the position to offer “objective” opinions on market direction to our customers.
  • Pricing for a metal commodity is negotiated and agreed upon by Phoenixx, LME brokers and the end customer.
  • As a sales agreement between Phoenixx and a customer is reached, Phoenixx works to oversee the release requisition to the indicated warehouse. The release requisition informs the warehouse of the lot information and the amounts/quantities of material being released.
  • Phoenixx works to negotiate freight pricing, but upholds the demands of the customer and does not jeopardize delivery requirements and timeframes.
  • Phoenixx obtains a freight carrier and provides direction for the pick-up and delivery of material.
  • Phoenixx provides the warehouse with a chemical analysis of the material to be shipped. This analysis accompanies the material and is delivered along with the shipment to the customer.
  • Phoenixx monitors every detail surrounding the movement of the shipment. Any delay with a freight carrier is quickly communicated to the customer.
  • Phoenixx monitors the freight carriers bill of lading. Once receipt of the material is confirmed with the customer, Phoenixx begins the billing process. (Some relationships may warrant receipt of funds prior to the release of material.