Indium is a soft, silvery metal that is stable and used in low-melting alloys for fire-sprinkler systems in shops and warehouses. Some semi-conductors and transistors are made of indium arsenide or indium antimonide. Indium has semiconductor uses in transistors, thermistors and photoconductors. It is also used to make low-temperature alloys; for example, an alloy of 24% indium-76% gallium is liquid at room temperature. Indium can also be plated on to metal and evaporated on to glass to give a mirror with better resistance to corrosion than silver. A tiny long-lived indium battery has been devised to power new electronic watches

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The copper, nickel, tin and zinc metals are priced and hedged using the London Metal Exchange (LME), which allows our customer to fix price forward basis current market prices.

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